Section 24-5-9

Inspection of establishments; testing and records.

(a) The commission shall cause to be inspected, at such times as it may deem proper, any place or establishment within this state where manufactured homes are manufactured, sold, or offered for sale, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the requirements of this article and the regulations of the commission have been met.

(b) The commission, or its duly authorized representatives, may cause products or parts or portions thereof to be analyzed or tested by the state agent, or its duly authorized agency. Such analysis or test records may be preserved by the commission, and when sworn to by the state testing agent, or its duly authorized agency, shall be prima facie evidence of violations of this article or rules and regulations or standards or codes or specifications adopted pursuant to this article.

(Acts 1971, No. 1938, p. 3129, §8; Act 2009-37, p. 130, §3.)