Section 24-6-2

Commission created; composition.

The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission, hereinafter referred to as "the commission," is created and shall function as the principal executive branch agency with powers to provide for a comprehensive manufactured and modular housing and building program with respect to construction, transportation, site location, or manufacturing standards for such structures. The commission shall consist of an advisory board of nine members, an administrator, and other staff and personnel. The membership of the commission shall be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, urban/rural, and economic diversity of the state. Each commission member shall be a citizen of this state. The advisory board members shall serve in an advisory capacity only to the administrator. The administrator shall have the sole and complete authority to formulate, implement, and execute policy, laws, and regulations for the commission, and will consult with the advisory board as necessary during its scheduled meetings. The commission shall have such other powers and duties as are hereinafter provided.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-691, p. 1109, §2; Act 99-355, p. 553, §1; Act 2009-37, p. 130, §3.)