Section 24-7-6

Contract with government for loans and contributions; state to provide services, accept dedications, etc., on behalf of authority without charge.

(a) The authority shall endeavor to secure a contract with the government for loans and annual contributions covering one or more projects comprising units of low-rent housing and to develop and administer such projects, each of which shall be located within the operating area of the Mowa Choctaw reservation.

(b) During the period commencing with the date of acquisition of any part of the site or sites of any project and continuing so long as either such project is owned by a public body or governmental agency and is used for low-rent housing purposes, or any contract between the authority and the government for loans or annual contributions, or both, in connection with such projects remain unpaid, whichever period is the longest, the state without cost or charge to the authority or the tenants of such project shall:

(1) Furnish or cause to be furnished to the authority and the tenants of such project public services and facilities of the same character and to the same extent as are furnished from time to time without cost or charge by municipalities to their citizens and/or to dwellings located within their jurisdiction;

(2) Accept dedication of all interior streets, roads, alleys, and adjacent sidewalks within the area of such projects, after the authority, at its own expense has completed grading, improving, paving, and installation thereof in accordance with specifications acceptable to the state;

(3) Accept necessary dedications of land for, and will grade, improve, pave and provide sidewalks for all streets bounding such project or necessary to provide adequate access thereto;

(4) Without cost or charge to the authority or tenants of such project shall vacate such streets, roads, and alleys within the area of such project as may be necessary in the development thereof, and convey without charge to the authority such interest as the state may have in such vacated areas; and, insofar as it is lawfully able to do so without cost or expense to the authority or to the state, cause to be removed from such vacated areas, insofar as may be necessary, all public or private utility lines and equipment; and

(5) Cooperate with the authority by other lawful action or ways as the state and the authority may find necessary in connection with the development and administration of such project.

(c) The state will, when requested in writing by the authority, assist in the operation and administration of the project by providing or causing to be provided, without cost or expense to the authority, the following additional services:

(1) The services of state employees to assist the authority in developing the necessary site plan for the project; and

(2) The services of state employees in assisting the authority in establishing the necessary administrative capabilities to operate the project.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-537, §6.)