Section 24-9-4


When used in the chapter, the following words shall have the following meanings:

(1) AGREEMENT. The intergovernmental cooperation agreement entered into between an authority and a local authority by the parties pursuant to this chapter.

(2) AUTHORITY. The Alabama Land Bank Authority.

(3) BOARD. The Alabama Land Bank Authority Board.

(4) LOCAL AUTHORITY. A local land bank authority created by a county or municipality as provided in Section 24-9-10.

(5) PROPERTY. Real property, including any improvements thereon.

(6) TAX-DELINQUENT PROPERTY. Any property on which the taxes levied and assessed by any party remain in whole or in part unpaid on the date due and payable.

(Act 2009-738, p. 2203, §4; Act 2010-727, p. 1818, §1; Act 2013-249, p. 610, §1.)