Section 24-9-7

Disposition of tax delinquent properties.

(a) The authority shall adopt rules for the disposition of property in which the authority holds a legal interest, which rules shall address the conditions set forth in this section.

(b) The authority may manage, maintain, protect, rent, repair, insure, alter, convey, sell, transfer, exchange, lease as lessor, or otherwise dispose of property or rights or interests in property in which the authority holds a legal interest to any public or private person for value determined by the authority on terms and conditions, and in a manner and for an amount of consideration the authority considers proper, fair, and valuable, including for no monetary consideration. The transfer and use of property under this section and the exercise by the authority of powers and duties under Act 2013-249 shall be considered a necessary public purpose and for the benefit of the public.

(c) Before the authority may sell, lease, exchange, trade, or otherwise dispose of any property, it shall either:

(1) Establish a purchase price and conditions for sale purposes.

(2) Establish a price and conditions for rent or lease purposes.

(3) Establish the conditions for trade, exchange, or other disposal of the property.

The conditions made pursuant to this subsection may include a requirement that the transferee must provide a development plan or execute a development agreement with the authority specifying the transferee's commitments regarding the development of the property and the time frame within which the development must occur, the range of permitted uses for the property, and any restrictions on its subsequent resale or transfer.

(d) The disposition of property by the authority shall not be governed by any laws or rules otherwise applicable to the disposition of property by a state or local agency. Provided, however, that, prior to the disposition of property, the authority shall give notice of its intent to dispose of any property for which notice was not previously advertised by the Commissioner of Revenue, or his or her designee, or by a local official in a manner as prescribed by the authority and shall include in the notice the date, time, and place at which persons objecting to the intended action must appear. If no objection is made within 30 days from the date of the notice, the authority may proceed with the disposition of the property as noticed without a public auction.

(e) No property shall be sold, traded, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of by the authority to any entity for investment purposes only and with no intent to use the property other than to transfer the property at a future date for monetary gain.

(f) The authority shall not sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise dispose of any property held by the authority to any party who had an interest in the property at the time it was tax delinquent or to any party who transferred the party's interest in the property to the authority by sale, trade, exchange, or otherwise, unless the person pays all the taxes, interest, municipal liens, penalties, fees, and any other charges due and owing under Chapter 10 and Chapter 29 of Title 40, including the amount to the Land Commissioner had the property not been transferred to the authority.

(g) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the authority shall have full discretion in determining the sale price of the property. No purchaser from the authority shall be responsible for the proper disposition of the proceeds paid to the authority for the purchase of property.

(Act 2009-738, p. 2203, §7; Act 2010-727, p. 1827, §1; Act 2013-249, p. 610, §1; Act 2018-192, §1; Act 2021-345, §1.)