Section 25-5-317

Assessment of pro rata share; disposition of unexpended balance.

(a) Within 60 days after May 19, 1992, the Secretary of the Department of Labor shall assess each insurance carrier, self-insured employer, and group fund its pro rata share of the total amount of up to $4,500,000.00 according to the method set out in Section 25-5-316(d). Of the total amount, $800,000.00 shall be allocated to pay weekly benefits to the claimants of the Second Injury Trust Fund until an appropriate budget is approved in accordance with Chapter 4 of Title 41. The assessment shall be deposited into the Workers' Compensation Administrative Trust Fund and disbursed by the state Comptroller on order of the secretary.

(b) The assessment is appropriated and made available for the initial implementation costs and expenses of the workers' compensation program to fund activities not included in the general fund appropriation for fiscal year 1991-1992 and fiscal year 1992-1993, which are peculiar to this article.

(c) Any unexpended balance remaining at the end of the fiscal year will be credited to the insurance carriers and self-insured employers at the end of the next fiscal year.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-537, p. 1082, §49.)