Section 25-5-85

Procedure for and effect of payment of compensation to court appointed trustee.

At any time after the amount of an award has been agreed upon by the parties or found and ordered by the court, a sum equal to the present value of all future installments of compensation calculated on a six percent basis may, where death or the nature of the injury renders the amount of future payments certain, by leave of court, be paid by the employer to a bank or trust company of this state or a national bank doing business in this state to be approved and designated by the court, and the sum, together with all interest thereon, shall thereafter be held in trust for the employee or dependent of the employee, who shall have no further recourse against the employer. The payment of the sum by the employer, evidenced by the receipts in duplicate of the trustees, one of which shall be filed with the probate judge of the county in which the injury or death occurred and the other filed with the court, shall operate as a satisfaction of the award as to the employer, and the trustee designated by the court shall be allowed to pay itself from the fund a reasonable compensation for acting as the trustee, which compensation shall be fixed by the court in the order making the designation. Payments from the fund shall be made by the trustee in the same amounts and at the same time as are required in this article of the employer until the fund, after deducting the trustee's compensation as above provided, and interest shall be exhausted. In the appointment of the trustee, preference shall be given, in the discretion of the court, to the choice of the injured employee or the dependent of the deceased employee. If the right to receive compensation should terminate on account of death, becoming of age, or marriage, or for any other cause as provided in this article, the balance remaining in the bank or trust company after the termination should be returned by them to the employer, his or her successor, or assigns.

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