Section 25-5-88

Proceedings for determination of disputed claims for compensation - Commencement of action, etc.

Either party to a controversy arising under this article and Article 2 of this chapter may file a verified complaint in the circuit court of the county which would have jurisdiction of an action between the same parties arising out of tort, which shall set forth the names and residences of the parties and the circumstances relating to the employment at the time of the injury, with a full description of the injury, its nature and extent, the amount of the average earnings received by the employee which would affect his compensation under this article and Article 2 of this chapter, the knowledge of the employer of the injury or the notice to him thereof, which must be of the kind provided for in this article and Article 2 of this chapter and such other facts as may be necessary to enable the court to determine what, if any, compensation the employee or, in case of a deceased employee, his dependents, are entitled to under this article and Article 2 of this chapter. The complaint shall be filed with the clerk of the circuit court, who shall cause summons to be issued thereon requiring the defendant to come in and answer said complaint within 30 days of the service thereof. Thereafter, said action shall proceed in accordance with and shall be governed by the same rules and statutes as govern civil actions, except as otherwise provided in this article and Article 2 of this chapter, and except that all civil actions filed hereunder shall be preferred actions and shall be set down and tried as expeditiously as possible. At the hearing or any adjournment thereof the court shall hear such witnesses as may be presented by each party, and in a summary manner without a jury, unless one is demanded to try the issue of willful misconduct on the part of the employee, shall decide the controversy. This determination shall be filed in writing with the clerk of said court, and judgment shall be entered thereon in the same manner as in civil actions tried in the said circuit court and shall contain a statement of the law and facts and conclusions as determined by said judge. Subsequent proceedings thereon shall only be for the recovery of moneys thereby determined to be due, but nothing in this section contained shall be construed as limiting the jurisdiction of the Court of Civil Appeals to review questions of law by certiorari.

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