Section 25-5-91

Forwarding of copy of judgment, etc., to probate court; creation of judgment lien.

Whenever any decision or order is made and filed by the court upon any matter arising under this article, the clerk of the court shall forthwith make and forward to the judge of probate of the county in which the complaint was filed a certified copy of such decision or order with any memorandum of the judge and of any judgment entered. No fee or other charge shall be collected therefor. The plaintiff or owner of any judgment so certified may have the same registered by the probate judge upon the payment of the fee fixed by law for registering judgments, and the same shall become a lien in like manner as other registered judgments, unless the same is made a preferred lien by other provisions of some law.

(Acts 1919, No. 245, p. 206; Code 1923, §7580; Code 1940, T. 26, §306.)