Section 25-5-93

Judgments discharged and marked satisfied upon proof of release or satisfaction of judgment.

Any judgment entered under the provisions of this article and Article 2 of this chapter, either by award or by settlement, and entered on the minutes of any court, shall be discharged by said court and marked satisfied upon presentment to said court or the clerk thereof of a release or discharge of said judgment, executed by the party in whose favor the same runs and acknowledged in the same manner as conveyances are acknowledged or upon presentment by the employer or his representative of an affidavit that said judgment has been, in accordance with its terms, fully satisfied and discharged, together with satisfactory proof in the way of vouchers or checks duly endorsed by the party in whose favor such judgment ran.

(Acts 1919, No. 245, p. 206; Code 1923, §7582; Code 1940, T. 26, §308.)