Section 27-13-21

Applicability of article - Generally.

(a) This article shall apply to insurance against loss to property located in this state, or to any valuable interest therein, by fire, lightning, windstorm, explosion, or by theft or physical damage to motor vehicles and all other kinds of insurance which fire insurance companies are authorized to write in this state, except this article shall not apply to reinsurance, aviation insurance, flood insurance, and marine insurance, which term shall mean, and include, insurance and reinsurance against any, and all, kinds of loss or damage to all of the following subject matters of insurance and interests therein:

(1) Hulls, vessels, and craft of every kind.

(2) Aids to navigation.

(3) Dry docks and marine railways, including marine builders' and repairers' risks, and whether complete or in process of, or awaiting, construction.

(4) All marine protection and indemnity risks.

(5) All goods, freights, cargoes, merchandise, effects, disbursements, profits, monies, bullion, precious stones, securities, chooses in action, evidences of debt, valuable papers, bottomry and respondentia interest, and all other kinds of property and interests therein, in respect to, appertaining to, or in connection with any and all risks or perils of navigation, transit, or transportation on or under any seas, lakes, rivers, or other waters, or in the air or on land in connection with, or incident to, export, import, or waterborne risks, or while being assembled, packed, crated, baled, compressed, or similarly prepared for shipment, or while awaiting the same, or during any delays, storage, transshipment, or reshipment incident thereto, including the insurance of war risks in respect to any or all of the aforesaid subject matters of insurance.

(b) This article shall apply to inland marine insurance in the manner provided in Section 27-13-22, and to flood insurance for motor vehicles.

(Acts 1945, No. 132, p. 133, §2; Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §258; Act 2021-173, §1.)