Section 27-13-3

Filing of data or information by insurers.

(a) The commissioner may require any regulated insurer engaged in any of the businesses in Alabama as enumerated in this chapter to file with the department any data or information required or necessary in the performance of the duties of the commissioner, the data or information to be filed in the manner and on forms as may be prescribed by the commissioner.

(b) The records of the commissioner and insurance filings in the commissioner's office submitted in accordance with this chapter shall be open to public inspection, except as otherwise provided by this title or where the records and insurance filings are considered to be confidential as commercially valuable trade secrets under Chapter 27 of Title 8. The commissioner may not release the confidential information except by court order. The confidential information shall be submitted under separate cover and clearly state the desires of the party filing the information as to its confidentiality. The confidential information shall be maintained by the commissioner separate and distinct from all records available for public inspection. If the commissioner receives a court order to release the confidential information, the commissioner shall give notice of not less than 10 business days to the party that filed the confidential information before releasing the information.

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