Section 27-13-62

Rating organizations - License; application therefor; renewal thereof; fee for same.

No rating organization shall do business in this state until it shall have been licensed to do so by the commissioner. Application for such license shall be made on such forms as the commissioner shall prepare for that purpose. Upon applying for such license, every rating organization shall file with the department:

(1) A copy of its constitution, its articles of agreement or association, or its certificate of incorporation and of its bylaws or rules governing the conduct of its business or such of the foregoing, if any, as such rating organization may have;

(2) A list of insurers who are or, who have agreed to, become members of, or subscribers to, such rating organization;

(3) The name and address of a person, or persons, in this state upon whom notices or orders of the commissioner affecting such rating organization may be served; and

(4) Such other information as the commissioner may require.

If the commissioner finds that the applicant for license:

(1) Has complied with the provisions of this article;
(2) Is equipped with an adequate staff of experts and clerks qualified in rate-making; and
(3) Is otherwise qualified to function as a rating organization, he shall issue a license to such rating organization authorizing it to engage in rate-making for the kinds of insurance or subdivision thereof specified in such license.

If the commissioner shall determine that the applicant is not entitled to a license, he shall make an order denying its application, specifying his reasons for such denial. Licenses issued pursuant to this section shall be renewed on, or before, July 1, of each year in the manner provided by this article. Every rating organization doing business in this state on January 1, 1972, may continue to transact such business thereafter, subject to the provisions of this article, pending its application to the department, to be made within 180 days after January 1, 1972, for a license to do business as required by this section. A fee of $25.00 shall be paid annually to the department for such license issued under this section.

(Acts 1945, No. 133, p. 145, §3; Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §286.)