Section 27-15-17

Annuity and pure endowment contract provisions - Grace period.

In an annuity or pure endowment contract, other than a reversionary, survivorship or group annuity, there shall be a provision that there shall be a period of grace of one month, but not less than 30 days, within which any stipulated payment to the insurer falling due after the first may be made, subject at the option of the insurer to an interest charge thereon at a rate to be specified in the contract but not exceeding six percent per annum for the number of days of grace elapsing before such payment, during which period of grace the contract shall continue in full force; but in case a claim arises under the contract on account of death prior to expiration of the period of grace before the overdue payment to the insurer or the deferred payments of the current contract year, if any, are made, the amount of such payments, with interest on any overdue payments, may be deducted from any amount payable under the contract in settlement.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §362.)