Section 27-15-29

Prohibited policy plans.

(a) No insurer shall hereafter deliver or issue for delivery in this state any policy or contract providing for the establishment of its policyholders or members into divisions and classes and for payment of benefits from special funds created for such purpose to the oldest member of the division and class or to the member of the division and class whose policy has been in force the longest period of time upon the death of a member in such division and class, or under any other similar plan; except, that any insurer heretofore operating on such a plan in this state, whether by conversion from a fraternal benefit society or otherwise, may continue to do so upon the condition that the insurer shall not hereafter establish its policyholders or members into any new divisions, classes or groupings of any kind, other than those heretofore established and containing subsisting policies heretofore issued, and that the insurer, if a stock insurer, shall have and maintain paid-in capital stock of at least $100,000.00 or, if a mutual insurer, a surplus of at least $25,000.00 and increase such surplus to, and thereafter maintain surplus in the amount of, at least $100,000.00 within six years from January 1, 1972.

(b) No insurer shall deliver, or issue for delivery, in this state as a part of, or in combination with, any insurance, endowment or annuity contract any agreement or plan which provides for the accumulation of profits over a period of years and for payment of all, or any part of, such accumulated profits only to policyholders or members of a designated group or class who continue as members or policyholders until the end of a specified period of time or under any other similar plan.

(c) This section shall not be deemed to prohibit the payment or allowance of regular annual dividends or "savings" under regular participating forms of policies or contracts.

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