Section 27-17-9

Policy provisions - Furnishing of merchandise and services - Cash benefit in lieu thereof.

There shall be a provision that if the death of the insured or, if a vault or monument policy, the burial of the insured occurs outside the State of Alabama or at a greater distance from an authorized funeral director or monument dealer of the insurer than that specified in Section 27-17-8, the insurer will, in lieu of furnishing such merchandise and services, pay a cash benefit of not less than one half of the specified retail value of the merchandise and services provided in the policy; provided, however, that the insurer may provide for a reduced benefit as to an insured less than one year of age at death. The policy may contain a provision for the payment of such cash benefit at the option of the insurer under any other circumstances where it is impractical for any reason to furnish the merchandise and services provided by the policy.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §400.)