Section 27-17A-44

Rights of seller.

If the amounts paid by the purchaser under a preneed contract for cemetery merchandise have previously been deposited in trust, the seller may withdraw the principal amount there, at such time as the cemetery merchandise is delivered or installed or, if comprised of materials designed to withstand prolonged, protected storage without deterioration, the merchandise is placed in storage with a responsible third party bonded and insured for the wholesale value thereof and evidenced by a receipt specifically identifying the item, the specific preneed contract, the location of the item, and the identity and address of the bonding and insuring parties. For purposes of this section only, caskets and alternative containers may not be held in storage by the seller or a third party storage facility prior to the death of the funeral beneficiary.

(Act 2002-74, p. 221, §1; Act 2014-216, p. 653, §3.)