Section 27-18-12

Policy provisions - Conversion - Termination of policy.

The group life insurance policy shall contain a provision that if the group policy terminates, or is amended so as to terminate the insurance of any class of insured persons, every person insured thereunder at the date of such termination whose insurance terminates and who has been so insured for at least five years prior to such termination date shall be entitled to have issued to him by the insurer an individual policy of life insurance, subject to the same conditions and limitations as are provided by Section 27-18-11; except, that the group policy may provide that the amount of such individual policy shall not exceed the smaller of:

(1) The amount of the person's life insurance protection ceasing because of the termination or amendment of the group policy, less the amount of any life insurance for which he is, or becomes, eligible under any group policy issued or reinstated by the same or another insurer, within 31 days after such termination; and

(2) $2,000.00.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §418.)