Section 27-19A-4

Required provisions.

Any health insurance policy or employee benefit plan which is delivered, renewed, issued for delivery, or otherwise contracted for in this state shall, to the extent that it provides benefits for dental care expenses:

(1) Disclose, if applicable, that the benefit offered is limited to the least costly treatment;

(2) Define and explain the standard upon which the payment of benefits or reimbursement for the cost of dental care services is based, such as "usual and customary," "reasonable and customary," "usual, customary, and reasonable," fees or words of similar import or specify in dollars and cents the amount of the payment or reimbursement for dental care services to be provided. Said payment or reimbursement for a noncontracting provider dentist shall be the same as the payment or reimbursement for a contracting provider dentist; provided, however, that the health insurance policy or the employee benefit plan shall not be required to make payment or reimbursement in an amount which is greater than the amount so specified or which is greater than the fee charged by the providing dentist for the dental care services rendered.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-411, p. 960, §3.)