Section 27-2-10

Appointment, etc., of State Fire Marshal, assistants, etc.; compensation and bond thereof; contracting for professional services.

(a) Subject to the Merit System Act and rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto, the commissioner shall prescribe the qualifications and duties of and appoint, employ, bond, and remove a State Fire Marshal and such other assistants, deputies, actuaries, examiners, and other employees as he deems necessary for the efficient performance of his duties under this code.

(b) The commissioner shall fix the compensation of all such personnel in accordance with the Merit System Act and the pay plan of the state Personnel Department.

(c) The commissioner may contract for and procure on a basis of fee, and without giving such persons any status in the classified service of the state, such independently contracting actuarial, technical, and other similar professional services as he may from time to time require for the discharge of his duties.

(d) Before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, the chief deputy fire marshal, the deputy fire marshal, and the chief clerk shall execute to the State of Alabama a bond, to be approved by the Governor, in amounts to be fixed by the Insurance Commissioner, for the faithful performance of their duties.

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