Section 27-2-15

Records, documents, and files - Use as evidence.

(a) Photographs or microphotographs in the form of film or prints of documents and records made under subsection (c) of Section 27-2-14 shall have the same force and effect as the originals thereof and shall be treated as originals for the purpose of their admissibility in evidence. Duly certified or authenticated reproductions of such photographs or microphotographs shall be as admissible in evidence as the originals.

(b) Upon request of any person and payment of the applicable fee, the commissioner shall give a certified copy of any record in his office which is then subject to public inspection.

(c) Copies of original records or documents in his office certified by the commissioner shall be received in evidence in all courts as if they were originals.

(d) If at any time the commissioner or any deputy, assistant, examiner, or other employee of the department is required by subpoena duces tecum to produce in any court or proceeding in this state any record of the department or copy thereof for the purpose of offering the same in evidence in such court or proceeding, the commissioner may designate any deputy, assistant, or other full-time employee of the department, who is competent for the purpose, to respond to such subpoena with the record or copy thereof so required and in lieu of the individual to whom the subpoena is directed.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §32.)