Section 27-2-17

Rules and regulations.

(a) The commissioner may make reasonable rules and regulations necessary for the effectuation of any provision of this title. No such rule or regulation shall extend, modify, or conflict with any law of this state or the reasonable implications thereof.

(b) Any such rule or regulation affecting persons or matters other than the personnel or the internal affairs of the commissioner's office shall be made or amended only after a hearing thereon of which notice was given as required by Section 27-2-29. If reasonably possible the commissioner shall set forth the proposed rule, regulation, amendment, or summary in or with the notice of hearing.

(c) No such rule or regulation as to which a hearing is required under subsection (b) of this section above shall be effective until after it has been on file as a public record in the commissioner's office and in the office of the Secretary of State for at least 10 days.

(d) Upon request and payment of the reasonable cost thereof, if required and fixed by the commissioner, the commissioner shall furnish a copy of any such rule or regulation to any person so requesting.

(e) The willful failure to comply with or willful violation of any material provision of a rule or regulation may be treated by the commissioner in the same manner as the willful failure to comply with or willful violation of any material provision of this title, but such action taken by the commissioner shall not be in the nature of a criminal penalty and shall be limited to suspension or revocation of licenses of agents or insurers doing business in Alabama.

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