Section 27-2-23

Examinations - How conducted.

(a) The examination may be conducted by the commissioner or his accredited examiners at the offices wherever located of the person being examined and at such other places as may be required for determination of matters under examination.

(b) Every person being examined, its officers, attorneys, employees, agents, and representatives, shall make freely available to the commissioner or his examiners the accounts, records, documents, files, information, assets, and matters in his possession or control relating to the subject of the examination.

(c) If the commissioner or examiner finds any account or record of an insurer being examined to be inadequate or inadequately kept or posted for proper examination of the condition and affairs of the examinee, he shall give written notice to such examinee specifying:

(1) The deficiencies to be corrected; and

(2) A reasonable period within which to correct the stated deficiencies.

If the examinee fails to maintain, complete, or correct such accounts or records within the period specified, the commissioner may employ experts to reconstruct, rewrite, post, or balance such accounts or records in accordance with recognized accounting principles and procedures.

(d) If the commissioner deems it necessary to value any asset involved in such an examination, he may make written request of the person being examined to appoint one or more competent appraisers approved by the commissioner for the purpose of appraising such property. If no such appointment is made within 10 days after such request was delivered to such person, the commissioner may appoint the appraiser or appraisers. Any such appraisal shall be promptly made, and a copy of the report thereof shall be furnished to the commissioner. The reasonable expense of the appraisal shall be borne by the person being examined.

(e) Neither the commissioner nor any examiner shall remove any record, account, document, file, or other property of the person being examined from the offices of such person except with the written consent of such person given in advance of such removal or pursuant to an order of court duly obtained.

(f) Any individual who obstructs the commissioner or his examiner in the examination of an insurer shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished as provided in Section 27-1-12.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §38.)