Section 27-2-25

Examinations - Expenses.

(a) Each person being examined shall pay to the commissioner the travel expense to and from such examination, a living expense allowance at such reasonable rates customary for such examination in which state the examination takes place and established or adopted by the commissioner and the compensation of the examiners making the examination, upon presentation by the commissioner of a detailed account of such allowances and expenses. Such an account may be so presented periodically during the course of the examination or at the termination of the examination, as the commissioner deems proper.

(b) The commissioner shall deposit all funds received under subsection (a) of this section in the State Treasury to the credit of a fund to be known as the Special Examination Revolving Fund. The expenses incurred by the commissioner and his examiners in the making of examinations under this title, together with the compensation of such examiners, shall be paid from such revolving fund and the amount necessary to make such payments is hereby appropriated from such fund.

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