Section 27-2-52

Offices, equipment, and personnel; operating expenses.

The Commissioner of Insurance shall furnish offices, equipment, operating expenses, and necessary personnel to maintain and operate the Receivership Division. The operating expenses of said division shall as far as practical be paid from the receiverships as administrative expenses on a pro rata basis, such expenses to be verified by the receiver to the receivership court having jurisdiction and paid on order of said court into the Special Examination Revolving Fund provided for in Section 27-2-25. To the extent of and limited to the funds paid into said revolving fund from receiverships, the Commissioner of Insurance is hereby authorized to draw upon said revolving fund on proper voucher, to pay for salaries, expenses, rent or equipment, or portion thereof, for the proper operation of the Receivership Division. Expenses and salaries not recoverable from receivership funds may be paid from funds appropriated to the Insurance Department. The Commissioner of Insurance is hereby authorized to assign one or more insurance examiners to the Receivership Division from time to time and to pay their salaries and expenses and to provide necessary equipment from the Special Examination Revolving Fund hereinabove mentioned.

(Acts 1975, No. 1039, p. 2083, §5.)