Section 27-20A-2

Chapter applicable to group, etc., policies.

No group, blanket, franchise, or association health insurance policy providing coverage on an expense incurred basis, nor group, blanket, franchise, or association service or indemnity type contract issued by a nonprofit corporation, nor group-type self insurance plan providing protection, insurance, or indemnity against hospital, medical, or surgical expenses, nor health maintenance organization plan shall be issued, delivered, executed, or renewed in this state, or approved for issuance or renewal in this state by the Commissioner of Insurance after 90 days beyond the effective date of this chapter, unless such policy, contract, or plan, at the option of the policyholder or sponsor, provides benefits to any insured, subscriber, or other person covered under the policy, contract, or plan for expenses incurred in connection with the treatment of alcoholism when such treatment is prescribed by a duly licensed doctor of medicine.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-436, p. 701, §2.)