Section 27-21-2

Offering of insurance.

Any insurer authorized and licensed to engage in the business of health insurance in this state may join with one or more other such insurers to offer to any resident of this state, who meets the qualifications established by the commissioner, insurance against major financial loss from accident or disease. Such insurance may be offered by such insurers in their own names or in the name of a voluntary unincorporated association or other organization formed by such insurers solely for the purpose of this plan. The forms of applications, certifications, and policies of such insurance, the applicable premium rates, annual statement, and all other information required by the department under Alabama law for organizations in the business of health insurance shall be filed with the commissioner for his approval. Any other information which the commissioner deems necessary for the efficient operation of the plan may also be required.

(Acts 1971, No. 501, p. 1218.)