Section 27-21-5

Qualifications for plan; examinations; public hearings; employment of consultants, etc.

(a) The commissioner shall set up standards and promulgate regulations concerning the qualifications of those Alabama citizens entitled to utilize this plan, and no insurer or association operating under the plan shall allow anyone to be insured under the plan unless that person meets these qualifications. Any willful material misrepresentation by a person attempting to qualify under the plan shall be a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punishable as prescribed in Section 13A-5-1.

(b) The commissioner may also make other necessary rules or regulations and may conduct any examination as to insurers at any reasonable time and may also, at his discretion, hold public hearings to determine qualifications of prospective insureds or rates and expenses of insurers in furtherance of this plan. The commissioner may also employ consultants, actuaries, attorneys, or special investigators or examiners to assist him in the regulation of the plan and examination of the insurers, and the expense of these special assistants and consultants, along with any regular examination costs, will be borne by the concerned insurer.

(Acts 1971, No. 501, p. 1218.)