Section 27-21A-27

Acquisition of control of or merger of a health maintenance organization.

No person may make a tender for or a request or invitation for tenders of, or enter into an agreement to exchange securities for or acquire in the open market or otherwise, any voting security of a health maintenance organization or enter into any other agreement if, after the consummation thereof, that person would, directly or indirectly, (or by conversion or by exercise of any right to acquire) be in control of the health maintenance organization, and no person may enter into an agreement to merge or consolidate with or otherwise to acquire control of a health maintenance organization, unless at the time any offer, request, or invitation is made or any agreement is entered into, or prior to the acquisition of the securities if no offer or agreement is involved, the person has filed with the commissioner and has sent to the health maintenance organization, information required by Section 27-29-3, and the offer, request, invitation, agreement, or acquisition has been approved by the commissioner. Approval by the commissioner shall be governed by the provisions of said Section 27-29-3. Control under this section shall be defined in the same manner as it is defined for the purposes of Section 27-29-3, as amended from time to time.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-471, p. 854, §27.)