Section 27-27-21

Domestic mutual insurers - Membership.

(a) Each policyholder of a domestic mutual insurer, other than of a reinsurance contract, is a member of the insurer with all rights and obligations of such membership, and the policy shall so specify.

(b) Any individual, or firm or any public or private corporation, board, or association in this state, or elsewhere, may make application, enter into agreements for, and hold policies in any such mutual insurer. Any officer, stockholder, trustee, or local representative of any such corporation, board, association, or estate may be recognized as acting for, or on its behalf for, the purpose of such membership, but shall not be personally liable upon such contract of insurance by reason of acting in such representative capacity. The right of any corporation organized under the laws of this state to participate as a member of any such insurer is declared to be incidental to the purpose for which the corporation is organized and as much granted as the rights and powers expressly conferred.

(c) The right of certain governmental bodies or agencies of this state to become, and be, policyholders of mutual insurers shall be as provided by the laws of this state governing such bodies or agencies.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §517.)