Section 27-27-33

Collection of assessments by insurers.

(a) Any assessment made by an insurer under Section 27-27-32 or 27-27-42 is prima facie correct. The amount of such assessment to be paid by each member as determined by the insurer is likewise prima facie correct.

(b) The insurer shall notify each member of the amount of the assessment to be paid by written notice mailed to the address of the member last of record with the insurer. Failure of the member to receive the notice so mailed, within the time specified therein for the payment of the assessment or at all, shall be no defense in any action to collect the assessment.

(c) If a member fails to pay the assessment within the period specified in the notice, which period shall not be less than 20 days after mailing, the insurer may institute an action to collect the same.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §529.)