Section 27-27-41

Deficiencies in stock insurer's capital or assets of mutual insurers - Generally.

(a) If a stock insurer's capital, as represented by the aggregated par value of its outstanding capital stock, becomes impaired or the assets of a mutual insurer are less than its liabilities and the minimum amount of surplus required to be maintained by it under Sections 27-27-15 or 27-27-20 for authority to transact the kinds of insurance being transacted, the commissioner shall, at once, determine the amount of deficiency and serve notice upon the insurer to make good the deficiency within 60 days after service of such notice.

(b) The deficiency may be made good in cash or in assets eligible for the investment of the insurer's funds, or, if a stock insurer, by reduction of the insurer's capital to an amount not below the minimum required for the kinds of insurance thereafter to be transacted or, if a mutual insurer, by amendment of its certificate of authority to cover only such kind or kinds of insurance thereafter for which the insurer has sufficient surplus under this title.

(c) If the deficiency is not made good and proof thereof filed with the commissioner within such 60-day period, the insurer shall be deemed insolvent and the commissioner shall institute delinquency proceedings against it under Chapter 32 of this title; except, that if such deficiency exists because of increased loss reserves required by the commissioner or because of disallowance by the commissioner of certain assets or reduction of the value at which carried in the insurer's accounts, the commissioner may, in his discretion and upon application and good cause shown, extend, for not more than an additional 60 days, the period within which such deficiency may be so made good and such proof thereof so filed.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §537.)