Section 27-27-47

Bulk reinsurance - Domestic stock insurers.

(a) A domestic stock insurer may reinsure all, or substantially all, of its insurance in force or a major class thereof with another insurer by an agreement of bulk reinsurance, but no such agreement shall become effective unless filed with the commissioner and approved by him in writing after a hearing thereon.

(b) The commissioner shall approve such agreement within a reasonable time after such filing unless he finds that it is inequitable to the stockholders of the domestic insurer or would substantially reduce the protection or service to its policyholders. If the commissioner does not approve the agreement, he shall so notify the insurer in writing, specifying his reasons therefor. If the commissioner does not approve or disapprove such agreement and notify the insurer thereof in writing within 30 days after such filing, it shall conclusively be presumed that the agreement is approved by the commissioner.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §543.)