Section 27-28-4

Effect of chapter on powers of commissioner and authority to engage in insurance business.

Nothing contained in this chapter shall affect the power of the commissioner to regulate, supervise, and control insurance companies pursuant to the laws of the State of Alabama governing such companies, nor shall anything in this chapter be construed to authorize any insurance company to engage in any kind, or kinds, of insurance business not authorized by its charter or to authorize any holding company which is not an insurance corporation to engage directly in the business of insurance. Subsequent to the effective date of any plan of exchange, the commissioner, having due regard to the findings stated in subdivision (2) of Section 27-28-2, shall have authority to require that the affairs of the domestic company be conducted in such manner as to assure the continued safe conduct and transaction of the business of insurance of the domestic company.

(Acts 1971, No. 1449, p. 2472.)