Section 27-29-13

Judicial review of actions by commissioner; petition for mandamus against same.

(a) Any person aggrieved by any act, determination, rule, regulation, or order or any other action of the commissioner pursuant to this chapter may appeal therefrom within 30 days after such action, determination, rule, or regulation is taken or issued, in accordance with the provisions of Section 27-2-32, except that the court shall conduct its review without a jury and by trial de novo; provided, however, that all the parties, including the commissioner, may stipulate that the review shall be confined to the record. Portions of the record may be introduced by stipulation into evidence in a trial de novo as to those parties so stipulating.

(b) The filing of an appeal pursuant to this section shall stay the application of any such rule, regulation, order, or other action of the commissioner to the appealing party unless the court, after giving such party notice and an opportunity to be heard, determines that such a stay would be detrimental to the interests of policyholders, shareholders, creditors, or the public.

(c) Any person aggrieved by any failure of the commissioner to act or to make a determination required by this chapter may petition the Circuit Court for Montgomery County for a writ in the nature of a mandamus or a peremptory mandamus directing the commissioner to act or make such determination forthwith.

(Acts 1973, No. 1042, p. 1636, §14.)