Section 27-29B-3

Disclosure requirement.

(a) Not later than June 1 of each calendar year, an insurer or the insurance group of which the insurer is a member, shall submit to the commissioner a Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure that contains the information described in Section 27-29B-5. Notwithstanding any request from the commissioner made pursuant to subsection (c), if the insurer is a member of an insurance group, the insurer shall submit the report required by this section to the commissioner of the lead state for the insurance group in accordance with the laws of the lead state as determined by the procedures outlined in the most recent Financial Analysis Handbook adopted by the NAIC.

(b) The CGAD shall include a signature of the insurer or insurance group's chief executive officer or corporate secretary attesting to the best of that individual's belief and knowledge that the insurer has implemented the corporate governance practices and that a copy of the disclosure has been provided to the board of directors of the insurer or the appropriate committee thereof.

(c) An insurer that is not required to submit a CGAD under this section shall submit a CGAD at the request of the commissioner.

(d) For purposes of completing the CGAD, the insurer or insurance group may provide information regarding corporate governance at the ultimate controlling parent level, an intermediate holding company level, or the individual legal entity level, based on the structure of the system of corporate governance of the insurer or insurance group. The insurer or insurance group is encouraged to make the CGAD disclosures at the level at which the insurer's or insurance group's risk appetite is determined; or at the level at which the earnings, capital, liquidity, operations, and reputation of the insurer are overseen collectively and at which the supervision of those factors are coordinated and exercised; or at the level at which legal liability for failure of general corporate governance duties would be placed. If the insurer or insurance group determines the level of reporting based on these criteria, it shall indicate which of the three criteria was used to determine the level of reporting and explain any subsequent changes in level of reporting.

(e) The review of the CGAD and any additional requests for information shall be made through the lead state as determined by the procedures within the most recent Financial Analysis Handbook as provided for in subsection (a).

(f) Insurers providing information substantially similar to the information required by this chapter in other documents provided to the commissioner, including proxy statements filed in conjunction with Form B requirements, or other state or federal filings provided to the department shall not be required to duplicate that information in the CGAD, but shall only be required to cross reference the document in which the information is included.

(Act 2019-97, §1.)