Section 27-29B-5

Contents of Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure.

(a) The insurer or insurance group shall have discretion over the responses to the CGAD inquiries, provided the CGAD shall contain the material information necessary to permit the commissioner to gain an understanding of the insurer's or insurance group's corporate governance structure, policies, and practices. The commissioner may request additional information that the commissioner deems material and necessary to provide the commissioner with a clear understanding of the corporate governance policies or the reporting or information system or controls implementing those policies.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), the CGAD shall be prepared consistent with rules adopted by the commissioner which shall be substantially similar to the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Regulation developed by the NAIC. Documentation and supporting information shall be maintained and made available upon examination or upon request of the commissioner.

(Act 2019-97, §1.)