Section 27-30-1

"Mutual aid association" defined.

For the purposes of this title, a "mutual aid association," whether otherwise known as a "benefit" or "industrial" company or by whatever other name called, is a corporation whose business is limited to the provision of any of the following payments, aid, or benefits under certificates, policies, or agreements issued to or made with members or policyholders and which payments, aid, or benefits are derived from donations, fees, dues, assessments, or premiums:

(1) Upon the birth of any child, or marriage, or sickness, or physical disability of the policyholder or member, or of his dependent, to pay money or render aid;

(2) The provision of dental, medical, or surgical attention, or hospital service or attention of any kind as to the member or policyholder or to his dependents; or

(3) Upon death of the policyholder or member or of his dependent, to pay money or render aid, including burial benefits or the furnishing of a complete funeral and including the payment of money and rendering aid to a beneficiary as designated by the policyholder or member becoming deceased.

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