Section 27-30-5

Authorization to act as, or for, association - Requirements.

No person shall hereafter be authorized or hold authority to transact business in this state as a mutual aid association unless it is otherwise in compliance with this chapter and meets the following requirements:

(1) Must be a corporation heretofore or hereafter lawfully formed under the laws of the State of Alabama;

(2) If a stock corporation, and except as provided in Section 27-30-6, must have and maintain unimpaired paid-in capital stock of not less than $50,000.00 and, if newly organized, must have, in addition when first so authorized, a paid-in surplus of not less than $75,000.00;

(3) If a mutual corporation, and except as provided in Section 27-30-6, must have applications for benefits and paid-in fees, dues, assessments, or contributions, if required under Section 27-30-27, and must thereafter have and maintain unimpaired surplus funds, representing the excess of its admitted assets over all its required reserves and incurred liabilities, of not less than $75,000.00;

(4) Its management and affairs must be conducted under the actual and active control, direction, and supervision of directors or trustees, officers and other management personnel, each of whom has been found, by the commissioner after due investigation, to be an individual of good character and reputation and with sufficient education, training, or experience to be reasonably competent in the fulfillment of his duties and responsibilities relative to the association;

(5) Must not be affiliated, directly or indirectly, with any person or persons whose business operations are, or have been, marked to the detriment of members, policyholders, stockholders, creditors, or the public by manipulation of assets or accounts, or of reinsurance or by bad faith; and

(6) Must have and maintain in this state a principal office for the transaction of its business and must keep therein records and accounts of its affairs as required under Section 27-30-21.

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