Section 27-31A-5

Compulsory associations.

(a) No risk retention group shall be required or permitted to join or contribute financially to any insurance insolvency guaranty fund, or similar mechanism, in this state, nor shall any risk retention group, or its insureds, or claimants against its insureds, receive any benefit from any fund for claims arising under the insurance policies issued by that risk retention group.

(b) When a purchasing group obtains insurance covering its members' risks from an insurer, not authorized in this state or a risk retention group, no risk, wherever resident or located, shall be covered by any insurance guaranty fund or similar mechanism in this state.

(c) When a purchasing group obtains insurance covering its members' risks from an authorized insurer, only risks resident or located in this state shall be covered by the Alabama Insurance Guaranty Association, subject to Chapter 42 (commencing with Section 27-42-1), Title 27.

(d) Notwithstanding Article 2 (commencing with Section 27-26-20), Chapter 26, Title 27, the commissioner may require or exempt a risk retention group from participating in any mechanism established or authorized under the law of this state for the equitable apportionment among insurers of casualty insurance losses and expenses incurred on policies written through that mechanism. The risk retention group shall submit sufficient information to the commissioner to enable the commissioner to apportion on a nondiscriminatory basis the risk retention group's proportionate share of any losses and expenses.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-674, p. 1226, §5.)