Section 27-31D-2.1

Endorsement offer to upgrade home to fortified standard when damage requires roof replacement.

(a) Insurance companies writing homeowners insurance shall offer a fortified bronze roof endorsement to upgrade a nonfortified home, which is otherwise eligible for a fortified standard, to a fortified standard identified in Section 27-31D-2, when the insured incurs damage covered by the policy requiring the roof to be replaced. The endorsement shall upgrade the nonfortified home consistent with the fortified requirements for the geographic area in which the nonfortified home is located.

(b) The endorsement offer shall be made at the time of writing a new policy on a nonfortified home and at the time of first renewal of an existing policy on a nonfortified home following January 1, 2020.

(c) Insurance companies shall file their endorsement form and accompanying rates for approval by the Department of Insurance by October 2, 2019.

(d) The commissioner may adopt rules as necessary for the implementation of this section.

(Act 2019-240, §1.)