Section 27-32-15

Conduct of delinquency proceedings - Domestic and alien insurers.

(a) Whenever under this chapter a receiver is to be appointed in delinquency proceedings for a domestic or alien insurer, the court shall appoint the commissioner as such receiver. The court shall order the commissioner forthwith to take possession of the assets of the insurer and to administer the same under the orders of the court.

(b) As a domiciliary receiver, the commissioner shall be vested by operation of law with the title to all of the property, contracts, and rights of action and all of the books and records of the insurer, wherever located, as of the date of entry of the order directing him to rehabilitate or liquidate a domestic insurer or to liquidate the United States branch of an alien insurer domiciled in this state, and he shall have the right to recover the same and reduce the same to possession; except, that ancillary receivers in reciprocal states shall have, as to assets located in their respective states, the rights and powers which are prescribed in this section for ancillary receivers appointed in this state as to assets located in this state.

(c) The recording of a certified copy of the order directing possession to be taken, or a certified copy thereof, in the office of the judge of probate of the county where the proceedings are pending shall impart the same notice as would be imparted by a deed, bill of sale, or other evidence of title duly filed or recorded.

(d) The commissioner as domiciliary receiver shall be responsible for the proper administration of all assets coming into his possession or control. The court may at any time require a bond from him or his deputies if deemed desirable for the protection of such assets.

(e) Upon taking possession of the assets of an insurer, the domiciliary receiver shall, subject to the direction of the court, immediately proceed to conduct the business of the insurer or to take such steps as are authorized by this chapter for the purpose of rehabilitating, liquidating, or conserving the affairs or assets of the insurer.

(f) In connection with delinquency proceedings, the commissioner may appoint one or more special deputy commissioners to act for him, and he may employ such counsel, clerks and assistants as he deems necessary. The compensation of the special deputies, counsel, clerks, or assistants and all expenses of taking possession of the insurer and of conducting the proceedings shall be fixed by the receiver, subject to the approval of the court, and shall be paid out of the funds or assets of the insurer. Within the limits of duties imposed upon them, special deputies shall possess all the powers given to and, in the exercise of those powers, shall be subject to all of the duties imposed upon the receiver with respect to such proceedings.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §634.)