Section 27-32-3

Delinquency proceedings - Jurisdiction; venue; appeal.

(a) The circuit court shall have original jurisdiction of delinquency proceedings under this chapter, and any court with jurisdiction is authorized to make all necessary and proper orders to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(b) The venue of delinquency proceedings against a domestic insurer shall be in the county of the insurer's principal place of business. The venue of such proceedings against foreign and alien insurers shall be in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County.

(c) At any time after the commencement of a proceeding under this chapter, the commissioner may apply to the court for an order changing the venue of and removing the proceedings to Montgomery County or to any other county of this state in which he deems that such proceeding may be most economically and efficiently conducted.

(d) Delinquency proceedings pursuant to this chapter shall constitute the sole and exclusive method of liquidating, rehabilitating, reorganizing, or conserving an insurer. No person other than the commissioner and the Attorney General representing him shall appear in the courts of this state requesting the appointment of a receiver or otherwise commence such delinquency proceedings to take over, liquidate, rehabilitate, reorganize, or conserve an insurer, and no court shall entertain a petition for the commencement of such proceedings unless the same has been filed in the name of the state on the relation of the commissioner.

(e) An appeal shall lie to the Supreme Court of Alabama from an order granting or refusing rehabilitation, liquidation, or conservation and from every order in delinquency proceedings having the character of a final order or judgment as to the particular portion of the proceedings embraced therein.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §622.)