Section 27-32-31

Claims upon liquidation of insurer - Time to file.

(a) If, upon the granting of an order of liquidation under this chapter or at any time thereafter during the liquidation proceedings, the insurer shall not be clearly solvent, the court shall, after such notice and hearing as it deems proper, make an order declaring the insurer to be insolvent. Thereupon, regardless of any prior notice which may have been given to creditors, the commissioner shall notify all persons who may have claims against the insurer and who have not filed proper proofs thereof to present the same to him at a place specified in such notice, within four months from the date of entry of such order or, if the commissioner certifies that it is necessary, within such longer time as the court shall prescribe. The last day for filing of proofs of claims shall be specified in the notice, and notice shall be given in a manner to be determined by the court.

(b) Proofs of claim may be filed subsequent to the date specified if filed during pendency of the proceedings, but no such claim shall share in the distribution of the assets until all allowed claims, proofs of which have been filed before said date, have been paid in full with interest.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §650.)