Section 27-32-37

Priority of claims of policyholders and beneficiaries - Established.

Upon the issuance of a proper court order placing a domestic insurer in receivership or placing a foreign insurer in ancillary receivership for rehabilitation or liquidation, pursuant to this chapter or other insurance laws of Alabama, all beneficiaries of and all persons holding or owning a contract of insurance with such insurer shall be a preferred creditor of said insurer to the extent of the equity, cash value, or other benefit then accrued, arising under the terms of such contract. With the exception of costs of administration of said receiverships, recorded tax liens and judgments obtained prior to initiation of delinquency proceedings, and secured creditors' claims, no claim of a creditor shall be preferred over that of a policyholder of the insurer in receivership. Policyholders are hereby removed from the class of general creditors and all laws and court decisions in conflict herewith shall have no further application. This section and Sections 27-32-38 through 27-32-41 shall apply to all policyholders of insurers in receivership on October 10, 1975, and to all future receiverships.

(Acts 1975, No. 1040, p. 2085, §1.)