Section 27-32-6

Grounds - Rehabilitation of domestic insurers.

The commissioner may apply to the court for an order appointing him as receiver of, and directing him to rehabilitate, a domestic insurer upon one or more of the following grounds. That the insurer:

(1) Is impaired or insolvent;

(2) Has refused to submit any of its books, records, accounts, or affairs to reasonable examination by the commissioner;

(3) Has concealed or removed records or assets or otherwise violated Section 27-27-29;

(4) Has failed to comply with an order of the commissioner to make good an impairment of capital or surplus, or both;

(5) Has transferred, or attempted to transfer, substantially its entire property or business or has entered into any transaction the effect of which is to merge substantially its entire property or business in that of any other insurer without having first obtained the written approval of the commissioner;

(6) Has willfully violated its charter or articles of incorporation or any law of this state;

(7) Has an officer, director, or manager who has refused to be examined under oath concerning its affairs, for which purposes the commissioner is hereby authorized to conduct and to enforce by all appropriate and available means any such examination under oath in any other state or territory of the United States in which any such officer, director, or manager may then presently be, to the full extent permitted by the laws of such other state or territory, this special authorization considered;

(8) Has been or is the subject of an application for the appointment of, a receiver, trustee, custodian, or sequestrator of the insurer or its property otherwise than pursuant to the provisions of this title, but only if such appointment has been made, or is imminent, and its effect is, or would be, to oust the courts of this state of jurisdiction under this section;

(9) Has consented to such an order through a majority of its directors, stockholders, members, or subscribers; or

(10) Has failed to pay a final judgment entered against it in this state upon any insurance contract issued or assumed by it, within 30 days after the judgment became final, or within 30 days after the time for taking an appeal has expired or within 30 days after dismissal of an appeal before final termination, whichever date is the later.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §625.)