Section 27-33-13

Trusteed assets - Withdrawal.

(a) The trust agreement shall provide, in substance, that no withdrawals of trusteed assets shall be made by the insurer or permitted by the trustee without the written authorization or approval of the commissioner in advance thereof except as follows:

(1) Any or all income, earnings, dividends, or interest accumulations of the trusteed assets may be paid over to the United States manager of the insurer upon request of the insurer or the manager;

(2) For substitution, coincidentally with such withdrawal, of other securities or assets of value at least equal in amount to those being withdrawn, if such substituted securities or assets are likewise such as are eligible for investment of the funds of like domestic insurers and if such withdrawal is requested in writing by the insurer's United States manager pursuant to general or specific written authority previously given or delegated by the insurer's board of directors, or other similar governing body, and a copy of such authority has been filed with the trustee;

(3) For the purpose of making deposits required by law in any state in which the insurer is, or thereafter becomes, an authorized insurer for the protection of the insurer's policyholders or policyholders and creditors in such state or in the United States, if such withdrawal does not reduce the insurer's deposit in this state to an amount less than the minimum deposit required under subsection (a) of Section 27-3-14. The trustee shall transfer any assets so withdrawn and in the amount so required to be deposited in the other state direct to the depositary required to receive such deposit in such other state, as certified in writing by the public official having supervision of insurance in the other state; and

(4) For the purpose of transferring the trusteed assets to an official liquidator, conservator, or rehabilitator pursuant to the order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

(b) The commissioner shall so authorize or approve withdrawal of only such assets as are in excess of the amount of assets required to be so held in trust under Section 27-33-2, or as may otherwise be consistent with the provisions of this chapter.

(c) If at any time the insurer becomes insolvent or if its assets held in the United States are less in amount than as required under subsection (a) of Section 27-3-14, upon determination thereof, the commissioner shall in writing order the trustee to suspend the right of the insurer or any other person to withdraw assets as authorized under subdivisions (a) (1), (a) (2), and (a) (3) of this section, and the trustee shall comply with such order until the further order of the commissioner.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §668.)