Section 27-34-12

Preliminary certificate - Initial solicitations and qualifications.

Upon receipt of a preliminary certificate from the commissioner, the society may solicit members for the purpose of completing its organization, shall collect from each applicant the amount of not less than one regular monthly premium in accordance with its table of rates as provided by its constitution and laws and shall issue to each such applicant a receipt for the amount so collected. No society shall incur any liability other than for the return of such advance premium, nor issue any certificate, nor pay, allow, or offer or promise to pay or allow any death or disability benefit to any person until:

(1) Actual bona fide applications for death benefits have been secured aggregating at least $500,000.00 on not less than 500 lives;

(2) All such applicants for death benefits shall have furnished evidence of insurability satisfactory to the society;

(3) Certificates of examinations or acceptable declarations of insurability have been duly filed and approved by the chief medical examiner of the society;

(4) Ten subordinate lodges or branches have been established into which the 500 applicants have been admitted;

(5) There has been submitted to the commissioner, under oath of the president or secretary, or corresponding officer of the society, a list of such applicants, giving their names, addresses, date each was admitted, name and number of the subordinate branch of which each applicant is a member, amount of benefits to be granted and premiums therefor; and

(6) It shall have been shown to the commissioner, by sworn statement of the treasurer, or corresponding officer of such society, that at least 500 applicants have each paid in cash at least one regular monthly premium as provided in this chapter, which premiums in the aggregate shall amount to at least $2,500.00, all of which shall be credited to the fund, or funds, from which benefits are to be paid and no part of which may be used for expenses. Such advance premiums shall be held in trust during the period of organization, and if the society has not qualified for a certificate of authority within one year, as provided in this chapter, the premiums shall be returned to the applicants.

(Acts 1911, No. 476, p. 700; Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §683.)