Section 27-34-29

Issuance of certificate to each benefit member; matters constituting agreement.

(a) Every society authorized to do business in this state shall issue to each benefit member a certificate specifying the amount of benefits provided thereby. The certificate, together with any riders or endorsements attached thereto, the charter or articles of incorporation, the constitution and laws of the society, the application for membership, and declaration of insurability, if any, signed by the applicant and all amendments to each thereof shall constitute the agreement, as of the date of issuance, between the society and the member, and the certificate shall so state. A copy of the application for membership and of the declaration of insurability, if any, shall be endorsed upon or attached to the certificate.

(b) All statements purporting to be made by the member shall be representations and not warranties. Any waiver of this subsection shall be void.

(c) Any changes, additions, or amendments to the charter or articles of incorporation, constitution, or laws duly made or enacted subsequent to the issuance of the certificate shall bind the member and the beneficiaries and shall govern and control the agreement in all respects the same as though such changes, additions, or amendments had been made prior to, and were in force at the time of, the application for membership; except, that no change, addition, or amendment shall destroy or diminish benefits which the society contracted to give the member as of the date of issuance.

(d) Copies of any of the documents mentioned in this section, certified by the secretary or corresponding officer of the society, shall be received in evidence of the terms and conditions thereof.

(Acts 1911, No. 476, p. 700; Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §700.)