Section 27-34-39

Examinations - Domestic societies.

(a) The commissioner, or any person he may appoint, shall have the power of visitation and examination into the affairs of any domestic society, and he shall make such examination at least once in every three years. He may employ assistants for the purpose of such examination, and he, or any person he may appoint, shall have free access to all books, papers, and documents that relate to the business of the society.

(b) In making any such examination, the commissioner may summon and qualify as witnesses under oath and examine its officers, agents, and employees or other persons in relation to the affairs, transactions, and condition of the society.

(c) A summary of the report of the commissioner, and such recommendations or statements of the commissioner as may accompany such report, shall be read at the first meeting of the board of directors, or corresponding body of the society, following the receipt thereof and, if directed so to do by the commissioner, shall also be read at the first meeting of the supreme legislative or governing body of the society following the receipt thereof. A copy of the report, recommendations, and statements of the commissioner shall be furnished by the society to each member of such board of directors or other governing body.

(d) The expense of each examination and of each valuation, including compensation and actual expense of examiners, shall be paid by the society examined or whose certificates are valued, upon statements furnished by the commissioner.

(Acts 1911, No. 476, p. 700; Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §711.)